Storm Damage Pictures

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The story is in the post below, but here are the goods.

I am still sitting in the car here, the rain is coming down pretty good, and all the guys are running around trying to see if they can help.

Here is Whit trying to pick it up and put it right side up...LOL

That's an upside down pontoon boat on the right

That's another boat upside down on the right.

This is what boat slips should look like. Pointing in the direction of where we rode out the storm.

It took me forever to notice that boat turned upright, Titanic-style. See the black bottom, then it turns white? That's a big ol' boat

Huge overturned pontoon

Divers in the water checking under the boats


The O'Brien Family said...

Wow, what a mess.

Lady Blachly said...

Oh man, I feel bad for all the owners of those boats.

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