Ray Roberts - Isle du Bois State Park

Sunday, June 1, 2008


We are pretty well sold on this place! We went today, just to check it out before our state park pass expires at the end of the month. There are two main branches, Isle du Bois and Johnson Branch. Isle du Bois was a large park with a great beach, nice boat ramp, and awesome trails. What I loved is most of the trails seem to be paved. I would much rather bike around the paved trails!

Johnson branch was smaller and quieter, but it's further away and doesn't have as many trails. It has some nice campsites, but so did Isle du Bois.

Here are the pictures of Isle du Bois.

OK, here is campsite 74 or 75 - I wrote it down. It's not as shady as most of them, but look at this PATH directly down to the water, a perfect kayak location. I think we'll be trying to get this site in August!!

This is a neat 1/2 mile paved nature trail.

Here is the swimming area, with beach volleyball. Kinda looks like the ocean doesn't it??

Some picnic pavillions next to the swim area

Check out the park store! Pedal boat and canoe rentals, along with tackle, frozen bait (chicken livers, worms and shrimp), misc grocery items, ice cream, cokes, ice, firewood, etc. And not absurdly overpriced either.

This is one of the waterfront campsites. You can't easily get to the water from these, but wouldn't be a bad backup site if we can't get 75.

This is a big firepit surrounded by benches. We can do poetry readings, or drunken political rants!!

This is the line we waited in just to get in. Really large park, same size office as all the others. LOL

Pretty trees and flowers

The pier next to the boat ramp

It was a really nice park and we're excited to go in August. And it's only about 30 minutes from us!


The O'Brien Family said...

I love the aprk! We camped there a few months ago. Great great great place! We were planning to go last weekend but I had this dang old broken foot. They have a nice beach & playground at the Johnson Unit

Lady Blachly said...

Nice post. I hope to go to places like that "soon" - when the baby is old enough. Definitly looks like a great park.

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