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Friday, June 13, 2008

I had class Friday morning but got my 40 hours research in earlier in the week, so I was OFF Friday and Saturday!

Which was good because we reformatted my laptop Wednesday, Tom fixed a lot of what we messed up Thursday, and Friday I had time to get things back to normal. I think if I ever get a new laptop, I will reformat it as soon as I get it. I have NOTHING on my desktop now, no junk software like "Quickbooks Trial" or "Sign up for AOL". Nothing! My PC is zippy again, and I hope I don't get anymore blue screens of death. If I don't, I'll officially withdraw myself from the laptop market.

Yesterday we went to Edgewood City Lake to fish with my dad for father's day. I don't have pictures because I took leftover disposable cameras from my reception (EDIT: now I do have pictures!). I need to get those developed. It was such a nutty day. First, we woke up at 5am and headed to Edgewood at 5:30. We got lost trying to find the lake, called my sister for directions, still couldn't find it, called my dad and got GOOD directions, and finally arrived. He had a nice looking setup with his EZ-up awning, several chairs and mini tables, and even a Lugable-Loo in an Outback tent. We talked and fished from the bank for a while. Danyelle, Reade, Chase and Miranda showed up, then the guys went out in the kayaks while the girls sat around and talked. It got really windy and chilly, and we rode out a storm. But after that storm, the weather was gorgeous. I caught two catfish (one pretty good sized!), and Chase caught 4-5 little ones.

After we loaded up and got ready to go out to eat with the Ellison-branch of the family, I mentioned something to Tom about, "I wish I could find my sunglasses." I couldn't find them all day, and I figured they must've gotten lost in the truck or something. Nope, they got lost ON the truck. Tom said, "You don't have your glasses??" He had last seen them on the bumper of the truck. So we headed back to the lake to look for them. On the way there, we were in a hurry, and Tom was going too fast down one of Edgewood's worst, pot-hole ridden roads, and part of the PVC on our kayak trailer broke. Tom was already irritated when that happened, but now he was pissed. We didn't find my sunglasses at the lake (they're prescription, that's what the fuss was), then as Tom was trying to back out of the lake driveway, he hit something hard. There was a tree stump hidden in the grassy ditch he was using to turn around. It ripped out the wiring for the tail-lights on the trailer.

I opted to keep my mouth shut for the next 20 minutes. LOL

Dinner at Saltgrass with the Ellisons was great! I had a chicken fried steak because I wasn't craving normal steak. It was massive and very tender. We finally headed home about 8:45, and I was so tired that I slept today til 9:30. I outslept Tom! When I woke up I smelled coffee. Nothing is better than coffee you don't have to make yourself!

Today I should be doing research, but I think I'm going to opt for laundry. We just put some dressers from Tom's grandma's house in our bedroom (if you've ever seen our bedroom, you know we really needed furniture!) and now we need to redistribute our clothes. I'm also in the market for a new comforter.....


Lady Blachly said...

I was sitting here reading your blog with Josh and he said "Man, I haven't seen a blue screen of death since Windows XP!"...haha! I can't believe how it never fails with you...when it rains it pours. You couldn't have just hit a big pot hole...NO, you have to bust up the trailer too. At least the chicken fried steak would have made up for it if it were me. Mmmmm, fooood.

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