Tomorrow is the big day!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why there is an exclamation mark at the end of that, I don't know. I guess because I'm so excited for it to be OVER. My first REAL presentation is tomorrow from 10:15 to 11am. My advisor isn't presenting with me, so I found out last night. I don't have nice things to say about that situation. Can you imagine is this had happened at my "real" junior-in-college age, 20, and without some of the work experience I've had? I would have DIED when she told me. I feel pretty well prepared. I have nice handouts, a great outfit, a new short haircut, and a pretty thorough presentation. The only thing is I haven't practiced it very much. But some of it is stuff I already presented to the other scholars in April, so at least that stuff should come out OK. I've got it all typed out too (dang, it's 6 pages single spaced), and I'm not afraid to use it if I have to. LOL

One good thing is, they asked for volunteers to facilitate other sessions. So I volunteered, and I get to "facilitate" a session Friday and Saturday. I'll introduce the speakers, help them with whatever setup they need, and make sure the attendees turn in their evaluations. For whatever reason, this makes me feel a lot better about the whole thing. It's like, even if my presentation is a disaster, I have something else to focus on when it's over.

And I've got a new advisor all lined up, and it's already going about 1000% better.

So that's been the focus of my week! I'm going to this concert Sunday with Amanda. LOL

Will post more IF I survive tomorrow.


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