Garden pics

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Check out this year's garden!

Here is our first tomato of the season, at least that I've found.

Tom's banana tree!

Tom's plumeria

My zucchini plant is rockin' the house, but no fruit yet

Here are my okra, trying to find itself between the towering tomatoes

This part of the garden is a barren wasteland. I'd say it's because of sun light (see that shade about to overtake it), but the bottom tier is doing OK even though it gets less sun.

Here's Puddin' checking out my work, last week.

Here's the whole garden. Yes, it's on our storm shelter mound! I have another theory about our barren wasteland, that maybe it's because the plants don't like being so close to the concrete. But then how do you explain the thriving zucchini?

Right to left, we have pumpkin, and beans. Those blades are some kind of flower, I forget what I planted.

Look at the gorgeous onion flowers!


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