Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saw the Hulk last week with my mom. It was good!

I am already behind on Get Smart, which opened last Friday.

Wanted opens June 27. It looks good, plus I'm in love with James McAvoy since Becoming Jane and Atonement.

Hancock, with Will Smith as an unlikable superhero, is July 1st. Of all of them, this looks great but is probably lowest on my priority list.

July 11th (and THIS is high priority) is Hellboy II. Check out THAT trailer!
Also on July 11th is Journey to the Center of the Earth. It has dinosaurs in it, so I'm sold.

Two open up July 18 (the day after my birthday).
The Dark Knight, with the late Heath Ledger. I know it'll be sad to watch. I was so upset when he died.

And a more likely birthday celebration choice, Mamma Mia.

And finally, Mulder and Scully are back for another X Files movie July 25th!!!


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