Pictures circa 2003

Monday, June 16, 2008

I just developed my reception disposable cameras today, and there was one that I knew I'd had forever! Here they are:

Emma's baby shower

Amanda's wedding (these aren't exactly in chronological order)

Hawaiian Falls with Danyelle, Reade, Chase & Miranda

I was dying for an excuse to get on that slide!!
Miranda, baby doll, and Cuddles the cat


The O'Brien Family said...

How fun ar ethose! What a blast from the past - Miranda & Chase were little ones

The O'Brien Family said...

What a blast from the past!

Lady Blachly said...

AHHHH! Too funny! That slide is a crack up! It's like as long as your legs! At first I was like "film?", but then I was all "ooooh...circa 2003, I get it" LOL

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