The laptop market

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I am in the market. I am between a MacBook and an Asus Eee 900. But to understand where I'm going, you must first understand where I've been.

I have had a Dell Inspiron 700m for about 3 years. It is a great laptop! It's less than 5 lbs (without the mammoth battery I added to it for extra life) and the screen is 12.1". I have been very happy with it overall. This semester, I started taking it to campus daily, and it has taken a beating just hanging out in my backpack. Lately, I have serious driver problems and get a lot of blue-screens-of-death.

So, I could get a MacBook and venture into the Apple unknown. MacBook's are very trendy among the campus crowd and supposedly durable with few of the kinks associated with Windows. The one I'm looking at is 160 GB hard drive and 13" screen. So a little bigger than mine, but lighter, and infinitely cooler.

But I'm considering the Asus Eee 900. At half the price, weight, and size (9" screen), it'd be no bigger than a small textbook. If you have a second, watch this video:

I think I could handle toting that around, and at half the investment, if something happened while I'm toting it around, well, I didn't spend as much! I am thinking about just paying to have my Dell fixed (well, after I try reformatting it on my own) and picking up the Asus. It's not like Team TnA is lacking in computers. I have a desktop in my office, and Tom has one (a nice big one) in his. What on earth do I need a full blown, feature packed laptop for? Right??


Lady Blachly said...

Now, that is a darn cool laptop. Size wise that is. Perfect for school.

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