I can't believe this just happened!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I will have pictures as soon as Tom gets home, but I gotta write about it now.

We had our first Lewisville Fishing Forum get together tonight. We started at Willow Grove park for a cookout and some fishing. Once we were sure the storm was coming in, we went to our marina next door to ride it out on the dock next to our boat slip.

Well, that storm was a doozie! Tom and I plus some members of our fishing board sat in chairs while the rain blew in sideways and the dock and boat slips were rocking like crazy. The wind was so hard, it felt like we were about to be lifted off the dock in our chairs. I really started panicking when I could tell Tom was worried, which rarely happens. He was talking to another guy about what we would do if the roof blew off. :-O

Rusty (my brother-in-law) walked to the very end of the dock, and he was the first to discover what happened. What happened? One of the sets of boat slips had been picked up by the wind and flipped upside down, boats and all. I was still too scared to leave my seat at that point, but all the guys walked down there with Rusty to check it out. They were all freaking out, like, "Oh my god! Whoa!" Finally Tom walked down there with me so I could see the damage.

Shortly after that, we drove closer to that area of the marina to check it out. There WERE people in some of those boats! There was one couple in a boat that flipped over all the way. They were fine. I took a ton of pictures. One cop showed up pretty quickly, but it took a long time for a fleet of fire trucks and police cars to arrive. It seems like they tended to the people who were in the water with their life vests or on their boats still first. Then, they put divers in the water to check under the boats that were in the water but no one had come out of them yet. In all likelihood, no one was in those boats.

You gotta understand, these boats were sitting in the water perfectly still and picked up and flipped over. Oh my gosh! I still can't believe I just saw that. Even more, I can't believe it could've been us. This area of the marina was probably more vulnerable to a storm like that. Ours seems more strongly connected to the land, or at least we are in the middle of a long line of boats, so it's unlikely that ours would be flipped even if the right wind hit it. Still, I sat there the whole time telling myself, "Oh, the marina is pretty solid, look at all these boats holding it down, we'll be fine." I won't be able to tell myself that next time!

I'll add pictures to this post probably tomorrow. I took a ton. I am pretty tired and don't think I'll wait up for Tom. Nearly dying is hard work!


Lady Blachly said...

What the hell!? That is WILD! I am so glad you are ok!!!!!!!!

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