Garden Check!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hard to believe it's Friday already! I snapped some new pictures of our garden this morning.

First, say hello to our neighbor's backyard courtesy of that crazy, fast moving storm that came in last week.

This is a flower on my pumpkin vine. Nothing could make my year better than if I grew my own jack-o-lantern. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sneakin a peek at some jalapenos

OK, this is what happens when the wind blows for several days straight, and your tomato plant starts growing sideways to the point that you can't set it straight with the cage without breaking the stem. This is more like a huge tomato shrub! It's putting out though, so who cares!

Look, our watermelon vine is starting to take off.

But the stars of this weeks show are the okra and flowers. Here is the okra!

And here is my first flower. EVER. Have never had luck with flowers.

Have a great weekend!


Lady Blachly said...

Ooooh and ahhhh! That's some good looking stuff there. My sister had one them tomato "bushes" and it was the craziest thing I ever seen. It put out tomatos into winter and she shared them by the bag loads. It was the best eva!

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