Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I worked again today. Next week we're starting a Monday/Wednesday schedule. Every other day except Sunday will be packed full for the summer. I only worked til about 1pm, then I headed to Presbyterian Dallas, where my cousin Rebecca is on bed rest because her baby is extremely impatient! About 3 weeks ago, she fell at work and went into labor. She was only 28 weeks. They stopped her labor, but moved her to Dallas (she lives in the Greenville area) because they are better equipped for preemies. Now she is getting shots daily to prevent her contractions. She was sick the last few days, but said she was feeling better today. I took her Chick-fil-a and we gabbed for a couple hours before I had to go back to work.

In other medical news, my sister Danyelle had her back surgery Monday. It went well (it was a day surgery, which is great!) and now she's recovering at home. She might even go back to work as early as next week. Recovery aside, I just hope it helps her because she was really hurting these last several months.

When I got home just now, I took a stroll in my garden. Check out how much Sunday's tomato has grown! Well, at least I can tell it's grown, I don't know if the pictures shows it.

Tom found these beauties at the bottom of the plant! That one is the biggest so far.
And, drumroll please! My first zucchini!


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