Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dinner was just a little too fun tonight. LOL

I was gonna make taco salad and just put tortilla chips in it. Tom said something about tortilla bowls, and I thought, hmmmmm, I have a recipe clipping somewhere for that.

And I found it (cause I rip out all the recipes from magazines that I think I may actually make someday and throw em in a binder). You make foil balls about 4" or 5" around (I used big tortillas), put the foil balls on a baking sheet, lay the flour tortillas on top of the balls and spray them with cooking spray. Bake them at 425 for 6-8 minutes, but mine took a bit longer. Just till they're browned and crispy.

Anyway, as I was saying, we had a little too much fun with our chicken fajita salads.

Thank goodness I had those thanksgiving, er...Mexican style dish towels laying around from Heather's baby shower!


The O'Brien Family said...

That looks really really good. I love tortilla bowls. Did they tast as yummy as they look?

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