Friday, August 15, 2008

Well, you know we had a great camping trip, so I'll go from there.

I still LOVE my new job! And I still feel a tiny bit guilty for leaving my current job (we're still trying to find another me) and loving my new job so much more. But it's just so awesome to get paid for what I'm doing now. I learn a dozen new things everyday I'm there. And I'm going to go ahead and jinx myself by putting it in writing. The International Association for Special Education conference is in Alicante, Spain next July, and I'm on the list to go. I'm not letting myself get excited until I have a plane ticket, but the fact that I'd even be considered is pretty mind blowing. San Diego in April, Ecuador in May, and Spain in July are all on the roster. Yes, please! I am hooked up with the traveling-est professor ever.

Can you believe school starts next Monday the 25th?????? Did school ever end???? LOL I just finished my poster this week for a presentation September 5th. It was exactly as my advisor said: "The poster will be as hard as you make it" and "The poster will take longer than you think." I could have spent DAYS trying different designs in it. As it is, I stuck with one design pretty much from the beginning, and it was still very time consuming. But it's done and it feels great to be freeeee of the poster!

Tomorrow is my boss Jamie's 40th birthday party. I am excited! Tom and I are going to run some errands for her tomorrow, like get the liquor and the cake. She has a live band coming, a margarita machine, and a crab boil catered by Fish City. Mmmmmm! I think it'll be a great party. Then Sunday, I'm going to crawl out of bed and go visit my grandma. I need to visit her and there is never a good time, so I am biting the bullet! I loooove my grandma.

How about that long rain this morning? The thunder scared me awake, but I went back to sleep and ended up hitting the snooze button until 8, deciding that laying in bed listening to that awesome heavy rain was worth far more than a shower before a half-day at work. And the cooler temps? Oh yeah! I hope they aren't joking about another good rain next week.


The O'Brien Family said...

Hey! You look great! That South Beach Diet is transforming you into 'Skinny Minny'

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