More fun than you'll have on the internet all year

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 FUN! Sorry these aren't in any order!

Tom 1990

Tom 1994

Tom 1998

Tom 1978

Tom 1980

Tom 1974

Tom 1982

Tom 1984

Amber 1990

Amber 1994

Tom 1950 hahaha!

Tom 1960

Tom 1974

Amber 1964

Amber 1966

Amber 1982

Amber 1986

Amber 1990


Lady Blachly said...

Well, it's pretty darn funny how natural some of those look. Like the first one of Tom!! I thought it was a real picture until I saw 1990, and then read the lines above it. And the last one of could pull it off!!

Anonymous said...

Those are just too funny. I actually had some of those do's
Love Mom

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