The can-can

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am planning a big canning adventure coming up the weekend of Sharkathon. Which, BTW, is a man trip. Tom feels guilty when I talk about this, but I think it's hilarious, so here it is. Last year, all guys went to Sharkathon. This year, I was planning to go along with some other females, but we figured we would stay home and do something more civilized. Well, here's what happened:

Tom: Amber, look, Sharkathon has a women's division this year!
Me: Cool! ..... Maybe I should go.
Tom: Yeah, you could go.
Me: Would you yak my baits out if it's too wavy for me?
Tom: *sigh* Yeah, yeah.
Me: (exit Tom's office, go into mine, and proceed to get excited about Sharkathon)

Later that day...

Me: I'm really excited about Sharkathon.
Tom: I want you to understand that we're going to be on "guy time".
Me: ???
Tom: Well, we aren't going to be on a schedule. So if things aren't planned out the way you want, you can't be upset.
Me: What do you mean?
Tom: I mean, we're not going to have a schedule, and I know you like a schedule.
Me: Well, isn't there a time you have to check in, and a time you have to submit your entries, etc? What other schedule could there be?
Tom: I'm gonna need to make sure it's OK with the guys if you come.
Me: (completely offended, huffing and puffing, I head to the kitchen)

So I decided that I would not go ANYWHERE I needed PERMISSION to be. LOL! So I am not going to Sharkathon this year, but I will be doing some canning.

Which brings me to the topic at hand. What would you can if you were pretty sure you wouldn't have time to can anymore until the semester is over, but were planning to commit a whole weekend to it?

I'm thinking salsa, pickled okra, and more peppers. But I want to do something sweet too. Maybe a pie filling or cheesecake topping. Because something like jam or apple butter is just begging to be put on a non-South Beach friendly piece of bread.


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