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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I talk "Kalyn's Kitchen" all the time, but if you find education interesting, Joanne Jacobs' blog (in the list to the right) is an easy, enlightening read. She posts news links relating to education, sums it up in her blog, sometimes makes a wise comment or two, and that's that. I find that I never avoid her blog because I can read it with minimal brain power, and I don't know how she leans politically, but I tend to agree with her opinions.

I'm still at two jobs. It's getting old. I am being such a turd about it too. I know I owe my old boss big time for being such a great boss, but I'm tired of being pulled in so many directions. Like today, if I had worked, I would've only had two productive hours until I had to go to class. It wouldn't have been worth much. She left it up to me, so I stayed home. I might go in Friday, but again, I'll have to leave early for a meeting at school at 3pm. Anyone want an easy temporary part-time job??

Today, though, I feel like a "real" college student. I slept in til 7:30, with no alarm waking me up! My classes don't start til 12:30. I'm drinkin' coffee, laying on the couch, and I watched Saved by the Bell (now I'm watching the news). I'm sure this "real" college student thing will get old, as I have class until 9 tonight. LOL Oh well, I love night classes. Not because they're at night, but because they're 3 hours long and only meet once a week. LOVE it.

Could my schedule be better though? Work 8-5 Mon, class 12:30-3:20, 6-9pm Tue, work 8-5 Wed, class 6-9, class 12:30-6 Thursday, and nothing on Fridays except a monthly McNair meeting. Not bad!

I saw Mamma Mia twice this weekend. It's THAT good. I think the last movie (and maybe the only other movie) I saw twice in the theater was Spiderman II. Mamma Mia is adorable and hilarious.

Tom left for Amarillo today. They'll spend the night, finish getting stuff out of grandma's house, and turn over the key to the real estate agent so we can rent that baby out. And I'll be all lonely here in this house with the animals.

So that's what's up with me. Have a great week!


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