Ray Roberts

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Had a GREAT weekend at the Isle du Bois branch of Ray Roberts State Park. We were supposed to leave Wednesday, but Tom wasn't feeling well, so we headed out about noon on Thursday. I took a nap that afternoon, ate dinner, and sipped on some rum and Sprite Zero while Tom threw a lure in the water. It was so peaceful and relaxing.

Danyelle, Reade, and Miranda arrived Friday about 10:30am. Tom and Reade fished a bit, and for most of the afternoon, we drank a bit and played ladder ball. We discovered this game at our 4th of July trip. There are two ladders with 3 tiers, and you throw these balls-on-a-string at the ladders trying to wrap the balls around one of the rungs. The higher the rung, the more points you get. It's fun. We also swam in the lake right at our campsite. The bottom was sandy and smooth, not at all creepy and mysterious.

Saturday, the guys did some more fishing, I bought some groceries at an interesting Pilot Point grocery store with a lot of expired food on the shelves, and Danyelle and Miranda slept in. I made some stuffed jalepenos, then we went to swim at the actual swim beach. It's really nice. Lots of kids were making sand castles. The water felt great, and the boats in the lake brought us some light waves. That evening, Reade grilled burgers, I made up a veggie tray, and we watched the UFC fights. Having satellite in the camper is one of the greatest conveniences ever. I know we would never go camping otherwise because Tom would miss his SciFi shows on Friday nights. LOL The fights were good. The burgers were amazing. Of course, they were South Beach friendly with whole wheat pitas.

Today, we slept in a bit and packed up. Danyelle and Reade found out Ginger was missing. Prudie went to feed her last night and saw her, but she wasn't there this morning. :-( I hope they find her. I feel terrible for them, especially Miranda. They just lost a kitty last week when she got hit by a car.

In other news, Miranda was hilarious all weekend long, capped off by her crazy dancing last night. I was cracking up. She starts FOURTH grade this year. School starts in two weeks, BTW. :-S


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