There's a poodle among us

Saturday, August 30, 2008

We our keeping Tom's parents' dog while they're on vacation. He's a white poodle puppy named Push. He's actually adorable! He walks like his back legs are a lot longer than his front. He knows what "no" means, and he's crate trained. So far it's going pretty well. We're also using this as a trial to see how we (including Sasha) would like having an extra dog.

I know the pictures aren't great, but this dog doesn't sit still for long!

Sunday Afternoon Update:
This dog is a maniac! He has endless energy, and he bounds around like Tigger instead of walking. Our poor animals don't know what to do with all that excitement. Goku hangs out on the couch with an alarmed look on his face, and Puddin', who always looks alarmed, looks outright panicked. And Sasha is a sad case. She mopes around with her ears back and her head down and hides in the corner waiting quietly for Tom to give her attention. Push is very cute and lovable though. He is so clumsy and runs into the wall all the time. He always steps on my feet when he's trying to walk with me. He's a pleasant enough visitor, really drooly though.


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