Parmasan Crusted Tilapia: The most delicious fish I've ever cooked

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oh. My. Gosh. I don't normally do well cooking fish. I try to grill it or something, then it falls apart, and it still tastes fishy no matter what I do. But I had some tilapia that was on sale at Albertsons, so I consulted Kalyn's Kitchen, which is my #1 resource for South Beach friendly recipes.

Well, I didn't read her recipe very well. I did use the powdery parmasan from the can, and I did use Miracle Whip instead of real mayo.

Anyway, I used McCormick Grill Mates Seafood Rub. I forgot to check the carbs before I bought it. It did have 1 gram of sugar carbs per serving, but I figured, we're eating fish and artichokes, so a little sugar carb isn't going to kill us here. I rubbed it on both sides of the fish while my skillet was heating. Added olive oil to the pan and cooked those on medium high about 3 minutes on each side. Don't move them once you put them in the pan! The rub makes a sort of crust itself when it cooks and gets all crunchy. It smelled heavenly.

Meanwhile, I started my broiler on high and covered a baking sheet with foil and sprayed it with olive oil cooking spray. I got my Miracle Whip and parmasan out of the fridge. I put my almost-done fish on the baking sheet and coated the top with a little Miracle Whip (this is kinda tricky because the mayo melts and it's hard to get a good even coat, but don't stress). Then I covered each one with a good layer of parmasan and patted it down with my fingers to make sure it was sort of even. It took about 4 minutes under the broiler, and the parmasan was golden brown and delicious.

It was the best fish I have ever cooked.

In other news, I went through my closet last night looking for clothes to try on. I am not back to my summer 2005 size yet, but definitely summer 2006. Sweet, huh? I had two pairs of fishing-type pants, one that I got on clearance at Academy, and one I ordered on Steep and Cheap. I could wear neither even when I bought them. I can wear them BOTH now! I'm also fitting into a lot of my shorts again. There's nothing worse than too-tight shorts. Our guts are almost entirely flat. Tomorrow is our 2 week mark. :-)


Lady Blachly said...

Yeah that sounds really good. I want to try it this week. I love tilapia!

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