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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Twice this semester (that's going into its 4th week this week), I have gotten 2 bottles of water out of a particular vending machine even though I only paid for one. The first time, it wasn't a big deal. I figured I might have accidentally hit the button twice. They take debit/credit cards, so it would be pretty easily for me to hit the button more than once and they just charge me $2.50. But since it happened again this week, I decided to check my account, and nope, I only paid $1.25. Cool huh?

I made a to-do list for tomorrow. I have mucho going on. But tomorrow is just one day, and here is what I need to accomplish - it doesn't look nearly as intimidating on paper as it feels in my head, so it helps to write it down:

Wake up 5:30, get dressed, have coffee and oatmeal, head to school (Monday morning edit: sleep til 6 since the coffee won't come on til 5:30, realize it's cold, so have coffee and oatmeal in bed til 7, then get ready. Hey, I aim high so I don't end up behind.)
Work on AmHighEd paper
Finish McNair conference powerpoint
Print 3640 and 4610 notes
Work on 3640 study guide
Work on 4610 study guide
Price GPS units for grant
Turn in timesheet
Meet with Twila
Meet Shaneka after 5pm to workout
Help cook spaghetti, eat, and study

Also, I need to go shoe shopping this week. I am still on my neverending quest for black dress shoes that don't hurt my feet. I want to get some before Friday, which is when the McNair conference starts. I am really looking forward to it - last year's was so nice, a lot of work, but a great conference.

I need to remember my favorite advice I was given last year. Put out the hottest fire first. The hottest fires are those exams on Wednesday. But still, I have been sitting around stressing over that stupid AmHighEd paper. In reality, I need to tackle those tests first, then I won't feel like crying because I am working on a paper when I need to study for tests. Same goes with McNair. AmHighEd is a bigger deal, but it's not due til AFTER McNair stuff. So I need to reorder my priorities if I am going to get anything done. Hottest fires first. It works.


The O'Brien Family said...

Add to stop by the vending machine to your list. You could make out like a bandit if you worked the system every day. LOL

Good luck with all your fires!

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