Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yesterday since I was at school all day, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. This time, I did a program instead of just going at one level the whole time. It was tough! We had to study for an exam, so we didn't do anything other than the elliptical. But still, check us out! Not skipping a workout just because we had a test. Woot.

Today I was feeling a little overwhelmed by my to-do list when I got home, but I still pulled it together to do the 30-day shred. Pushups are getting easier every time, and today, lunges were easier. I couldn't believe it because that's been the hardest part so far. I was going down pretty low on the forward lunges but still not as low as possible on the side lunges. But it's not that the workout is getting easier, it's just that I can work harder. Today I felt like I got the best workout so far because I was able to put more into it. I'm bringing the DVD to Jessica tomorrow since I have that conference all weekend, so hopefully she'll be able to burn it and I'll have a 30-day shred buddy. I feel good. I probably shouldn't weigh myself anymore because it's discouraging - I'm building muscle, losing gut, wearing my "skinny" jeans, but sitting right at 155. UGH.

I am pretty excited about the conference. I won't be doing that great on my diet, but I get fed all weekend. No cooking, no buying groceries. Tomorrow we'll probably have fajitas and BBQ - they do Texas food since a lot of people come in from out of state. Breakfast Saturday and Sunday are ridiculous - eggs, bacon, sausage, fresh fruits, pastries, pretty much everything you can think of except an omelet bar. Then, Saturday night, another nice dinner, this time it's banquet style with full service. I love being waited on. Last year's speakers were great, so I don't have high expectations for this year because no way it will be as good. In fact, if they are HALF as good, I'll be super impressed.

I am not excited about how unprepared I am for my presentation. Oh well, I'm going to make some notecards and flip through them all weekend. My presentation is the last one in the afternoon, so probably no one will be there. But I have to be prepared because I invited both my mentors and have no idea if they are coming. They are the ones I have to worry about.

So anyway, I should be out of pocket this weekend, but I hope it's good for everyone.


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