Not for the faint of heart

Friday, February 27, 2009,166,141184-243196,00.html

Un. Be. Lieve. Able. Well worth the consequences of eating cake every day since Tuesday. *drool*

I am in the mood for a countdown.

2 days until the Golden Girls marathon on the Hallmark Channel

3 days until I leave for Charleston (where it's supposed to be snowing when I arrive. Grrrr.)

3 days until I know whether my proposal got accepted for the Nashville conference.

10 days until I have a paper and an exam.

14 days until the last class day before spring break

19 days until we leave for our Tawakoni camping trip

2 months until Nashville, if it happens.

2.5 months until finals.

3 months until our Colorado trip, if it pans out.

And finally, 10 months until I graduate. Did you forget I was in school for a reason??? I know I do...

Will probably post again before I leave. Have a great weekend everyone!


The O'Brien Family said...

Don't leave out the trip to Spain. When is that????

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