Today was a good one

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It was a long, full, productive, good day. Here is a peek:

8-9am: drove to school, stopped at McDonalds for a $3 south beach friendly breakfast and coffee, and enjoyed it in the parking lot.

9-10am: Psych of Death and Dying class. This is becoming one of my favorite classes because the professor is extremely knowledgable. Our first assignment is a lengthy reflection on death, including our obituary, funeral details, will, eulogy, and a picture representing death. :-S It is good to think about this stuff, but it was harder than I thought it would be. I think of myself as pretty desensitized when it comes to dying, but writing in my obituary (I was 101 when I died) that I was preceded in death by my husband and sister was sobering. UGH. I am not ready to lose any of these folks.

10-11am: History and Systems of Psych. Professor went over the same thing he went over last time. Oh well. I had him last semester and he did the same thing. As a result, we were always behind and our tests were always easy. I'll take it.

11am-12pm: MY LEAST FAVORITE CLASS. Adult Development & Aging. OMG. $900 for a class so I can sit and have a powerpoint read to me by a grad student. I try to have a good attitude toward grad students because I hope to be there someday, but damn. Don't read slides to me. PLEASE.

12-2pm: Worked while Jessica was in class. Ate almonds and a cheese stick. Met an instructor of one of my boss' online classes I hadn't met before, which was nice.

2:30-3:30pm: Jessica and I worked out. 30 minutes on the elliptical while I watched the end of General Hospital, which was hilarious today, followed by stretching, ab exercises, and rowing. Good times.

3:30-5:15pm: Farted around in my office, didn't feel like working, didn't have to, so I didn't. Ate the salad I brought for lunch. Couldn't find a fork so I ate it lettuce-wrap style.

5:15-6:00pm: walked to class. Slowly. We weren't doing much very quickly after the workout.

Class til 9...UGH. And with that, my battery is about to die on this sucker, so I am out of here. I am tired but had a great day. I have to write a conference paper this weekend, but I am sure I'll need a break from it this weekend, so I'll come whine about it later. LOL


The O'Brien Family said...

Because I have a morbid curiosity............ will you be posting your obit?

Lady Blachly said...

Hey - not a comment for this post...but I was thinking about canning this morning, which made me think about you, which made me think about your garden, which made me want to hear what's up in the fields over there, man. How about a good garden tour and post with that new camera! Those cabbages (if that is indeed what it was) looked awesome! What are you doing for spring planting? Or summer or however it works in Texas...

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