To whom it may concern

Friday, February 6, 2009

i.e., Tammy & Heather.

Sorry Tammy, you'll have to wait til I croak! :-) I am not really thrilled about the fact that ANYONE is reading it, even a stinky TA I may or may not know.

Heather...that is exactly what I would like to write about, right about now. I don't feel like going outside to take more pics in the wind, but pretty much what you saw in this picture is what you get.

Cabbage up top, broccoli in the middle, and brussel sprouts far right. The broccoli is doing great and tastes amazing. The cabbage and brussel sprouts are a little slow - I may need to water more. Hopefully we will get some rain this weekend. But they are all healthy. I have plenty of brussel sprouts, they just aren't very big yet.

And SPRING. I have a lot of ideas but who knows if I will have time...

One almost-for-sure thing is, I want Tom to make me some shepherd's hooks so I can hang some upside-down cherry or grape tomatoes. I am not dealing with tomato plants in the ground this year. They didn't even put out last year, and it was a huge pain the butt.

I want my okra to go somewhere other than my tiered bed. They were like trees and ended up shading my smaller plants.
I want to find a spot where I can grow flowers (wildflowers?) for cutting. I don't know where yet. But it may be here....(damn, OK, I'll go take a picture.)
To the left - that is our back porch. I think I could put 2 raised beds. See that stepping stone walkway? (It is hard to starts by the waterhose.) That is the middle of our back porch. The walkway is centered on the porch, not between those posts. I would like the beds placed based on the porch, not the posts. If that makes sense. I think it would be an easy day project...well, easy in that it would only take a day, but probably a big pain.
Then I spotted this spot in the yard I haven't messed up yet. I may or may not do raised beds here, but I could definitely try some long pots mounted under those windows. Hmmmm.
I don't know what to do in my tiered beds...probably the usual, bell and jalepeno peppers, some herbs, whatever looks good at the time. I have shade issues in that bed, so I need to do some research. I might grow garlic, too...
BUT - I have the busiest semester of my life, so we shall see how it goes. :-S


The O'Brien Family said...

Post it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought about hanging tomato plants. My plants didn't put on the past 2 years & I am sick of that. Hanging plants might be cool.

Lady Blachly said...

Ditto on the tomatoes. Man, we suck at growing tomatoes. Maybe it's a conspiracy. NEVER thought of garlic and we go through them faster than, um or something. I'll have to look into that. Got a new magazine, "Horticulture", and I am pretty pumped about trying some new flowers this year. Maybe. If I get to it. Really need to get busy and get a veggie garden growing. I couldn't imagine having my own broccoli and brussel sprouts. Jealous.

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