Happy birthday to me!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tom is precious. Tom got me a Canon Rebel XS today at Circuit City for my birthday in July. I have been DYING, literally freaking out over getting a new camera. It's Tammy's fault, she knows and understands, and now I guess our obsessions will feed off each other. (Except I can't cash in anymore birthday advances until 2010...so no lenses for me!!)

Here is some of the fun I had today playing with it. Right out the box, of course I had to snap the flowers next to my bed. Can't go wrong with flowers. (And go wrong, I did. All day. I took a ton of pictures and dumped about 2/3 of them.)

Broccoli Wokley

Goku is a natural.

This is me trying out different stuff (yes, I moved my flowers out here so I would have something pretty to snap.) This is landscape mode where everything is in focus instead of one particular thing. Kinda neat that you can't tell what I am taking a picture of. I only used the "basic" modes today, there is a set of "creative" modes I have hardly thought of trying.

Puddin' peaking out from between the kayaks.

She is so beautiful - it is hard to get a good picture of her.

Sasha by the fridge waiting for Tom to come back in.


Greg working while Tom watches.

OMG Tom, quit dodging the camera, and a picture like this could be all GQ instead of BLURRY.

He is going to HAVE to get over this camera shyness.

My fall garden, rockin' just in time to plant my spring stuff in a couple months. Sheesh.

He is irresistable. What a ham.

A decent "before" shot of the bedroom. Basically, here is our new furniture and the new wall color. Keep in mind a "real" before shot would have all white walls and ugly, unmatching furniture with no headboard.

Puddin' was curled up in our bed on my camera software.

Tom and Greg driving the go kart they have been building. Buy a man a go-kart, and he'll break it. Buy him a welder for Christmas, he'll build a go kart himself, break it, then go weld it back together.

Here is a sort of "after" shot. (I know I need a dust ruffle...LOL. This is the kind of thing that people who have never had a real bed have never thought of before.) I finished painting the window-wall today. FINALLY. We will probably keep the white blinds and ceiling...who knows, though. It is a work in progress.

Still need stuff on the walls...

View from the other side. I haven't done a wonderful job on the line up top, but that's what touching up is for.

Anyway, now my camera is ready for my upcoming travels and all the little stuff in between. :-)
In other news, Tom got a new job this week and really enjoyed it. It is contract work, and really perfect for him. I had a bunch of ups and downs this week, physically and mentally. It was a strange week with the ice day that wasn't icy and the class day that was. Had a hard week at work too...but I worked through it.
Tomorrow is a superbowl party, then I'll get back to it on Monday. :-) Hope everyone is having a picture perfect weekend!


ColtonandJessica said...

VERY nice!! I am so happy for you! you will LOVE that camera! :) Your pics look awesome.

The O'Brien Family said...

oooohhhhh aaaaaahhhhh I love the pics - Goku is a natural. I'm so excited for you & can't wait to meet your new camera!

The O'Brien Family said...

oh yeah, I really dig the color of your bedroom - good job!

Lady Blachly said...

Oh sa-weet! Happy early Birthday! (Now, I am not to be held liable if I forget to say that again in July, k?) Goku is going to be an awesome subject yo. You can have so much fun with that camera! Learn all about it so you can use all the features and take kick ass pictures! ;) Love that little table and mirror by the door way in your bedroom. Looking good!

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