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Friday, January 9, 2009

Wow, Tom has really gotten the home improvement bug. We normally start stuff and never finish, but I think the bedroom has him motivated, because of how nice it is to look around and say, "Oh, this looks good!"

Tom is converting one area of the garage into what he has dubbed the "man cave". He started talking a week ago about moving his office into the garage. I thought it was crazy, but then he mentioned that I could have his office, and then we would have yet another guest room. That might sound nutty, having TWO guest rooms, but we have so much furniture from his grandma's house that we could easily furnish another bedroom. And who knows, we might need an extra bedroom for OTHER reasons sometime in the next 15 years. ;-)

Anyway, the man cave. Yesterday, he installed a new light, so it's lit up bright instead of the one or two bare lightbulbs we had before. Today, he and his brother moved our old TV to the top of our garage freezer. AND, since he had the extra muscle handy, they moved the file cabinet out of the bedroom! Now, everything in our bedroom is officially in my hands, and I don't need any man help to finish tweaking my corners. I am nowhere near decorating in here, still in decluttering mode, but it is all lightweight clutter, now.

Our neighbor came over today and asked Tom if I'd kicked him out of the house. LOL! Tom is excited about the man cave, because his office was as far as humanly possible from the garage, and when he had a cool project pulled up on his computer, he would always have to walk back and forth. For example, his office isn't big enough for all his model airplane stuff, and it definitely isn't suitable for the welder I got him for Christmas. Now, he'll have plenty of room to tinker with his stuff, watch TV, have friends hang out (because you can really only fit 1 or 2 people in his office, comfortably), surf the web, whatever. I can't believe his project is coming together so well!

And you know what that means...I need to pick some paint colors for my office, once he moves outta there!


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