Doom and gloom

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sorry for such a depressing, picture free blog lately. I am bummed for good reasons. But there are good things happening too.

1. I went back to work this week. We have a new office space. I have a new computer there. (I don't have a real computer chair yet, but this isn't one of those whiney blogs.) It is really nice to be back at work. I miss working full time.

2. Fedex brought my Christmas present from Tom yesterday. My Dell Inspiron Mini 9. It's tiny! I love it. I am still getting used to the keyboard, but it's not too small, just a couple of keys in different places.

3. My boss brought me a Christmas present yesterday. It was an 8 GB flash drive (which I really needed for my new tiny laptop!) and a bag full of pecans from their farmhouse in Georgia. Cool, huh? I'm going to make these praline cookies and take them to a meeting we're having Monday.

4. Which leads me to my next point. I am so freakin' ready to get back on our diet!! I am blowing up like a balloon!

5. I am watching The Devil Wears Prada. Tom took me to see this on my birthday in 2006. What a good sport.

6. After the funeral tomorrow, I have to go to Fort Worth for an information session about getting my alternative certification to become a teacher. I have to teach for 3 years as a prerequisite for most ph.d.'s in education. Not like it's a huge chore. I am looking forward to the income (looking forward to a teacher's income! ha!) and the break from classes (working at a school! ha!) No seriously, I am looking forward to it. I have always wanted to teach. The big decision is whether to pursue a special ed or general ed certification. I am going to shadow a special ed teacher (a girl that also works for my boss) a few times this semester to check to check it out.

So there is a bright side. :-) Oh, I almost forgot the best thing. I've been fighting this awful cold, and at the same time I had this extremely painful ulcer in my mouth. Well, it's finally getting better! It's there but it doesn't sting anymore! Woot!


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