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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I had a terrible headache today, but it is finally gone. I am so glad!

I started back on the diet Sunday and didn't have any issues then or yesterday. Now, today I feel like I've been hit by a truck. But alas, this is what happens when you eat junk (seriously, my last 5 debits on my bank account are from fast food places) for a month, then switch to healthy suddenly. I just need to drink more water and I'll be fine by tomorrow or Thursday.

Who wouldn't be fine eating something like this? We tried it last night with some pork chops, and it was so good! And cheap...pork was like, $1.50, $1 for the marinade, $1.50 for the sprouts, $1.99 for the shallots, had garlic and boulion already. $6, and we are eating the leftovers for lunch.

Yesterday, I found out I had been paid $700 more than they budgeted for me, so they had to find more money to pay for me. It was weird timing, because I am only taking 12 hours this semester, and I wanted to work more hours (more $$$!) I asked today, and my boss really wants me to work more, but they are looking for the money. The money is there, but it's in grants, so it's not always easy to get changes in the grant budget approved. :-S

Today I get to help my boss score intelligence assessments. I'm pretty excited. She's known for a year that I want to do that. Today, it just so happens we have two brothers taking assessments, and I'm working, so I get to help. Kinda cool. They are 5 and 7. The 7 year old, when asked what a mouse and a cat had in common, didn't mention that they were animals, had four legs, had whiskers, or anything I would've said. He said, "They're both on Tom and Jerry." LOL Smart kids crack me up.

I learned a lot about stats last night, which shouldn't be exciting, but it was. I went home with a "that was so cool!" buzz. All the stressing out I did on data collection last semester is totally worth it now they we are getting to analyze it!

I'm gonna get offline here and get back to work. I took a whole hour for lunch today because of my head. So glad it's better, time for a Dr. Pepper. Hope everyone is having a great week!


ColtonandJessica said...

Hehe "Tom and Jerry", that's so cute. I'm glad kids still watch that. School starts a week from today!!! blah. lol. :)

The O'Brien Family said...

I asked Connor that cat & mouse question. He said "A fight." I probed further by asking "What does that mean?" He replied "Like on Tom and Jerry" hahahahahaha! See, they should still show those on tv - we check them out at the library. Here's a good research topic: Is Tom & Jerry for the gifted? LOL

Amber and Tom said...

I guess I am just happy that kids "these days" know Tom and Jerry! I figured they were outlawed for violence or something. :0)

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