RIP Darren

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dammit. Our old pastor's son, Darren, passed away last night. He was only 31 or 32. He got really sick last year, but I didn't know he stayed sick after he got out of the hospital. Their family is really special to us because they were so helpful after my sister died. They were the first people we called, the first at the house, and probably the last to leave. It's not fair for them to go through it too.

I have so many memories with Darren being a great friend to my family and a great youth minister. That family was a part of my life from when I was 10 til I graduated high school. I know there is a churchful of heartbroken youth mourning his death who have never had to deal with this stuff before. And they won't have Darren to help them through. :-(

It's a huge loss. Please keep his family in your prayers.


ColtonandJessica said...

Amber, I am again so sorry. =(

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