Christmas Pictures

Monday, January 19, 2009

I totally forgot I took Christmas pictures. LOL Right after Christmas, I went straight into home improvement mode. But here they are.

Sunday before Christmas, we had a get-together at my parents' house. Snickers loved his presents. My mom took them out of his stocking one by one, and he ran them over to his bed.

We ended up getting Miranda the next day, to keep until Christmas Eve. It wasn't all "pull my finger" this time. Oh no. This time, Miranda had a new trick. She'd rub her feet on the carpet, then walk up and shock you! I got bored with this pretty quick (it isn't really fun to get shocked!), but as usual, Tom and Miranda entertained each other for hours.

It couldn't all be fun though - I put them to work wrapping presents!

We were going to spend the night with the in-laws Christmas Eve, so Sasha got to ride in the Mustang!

We got to my aunt's house, where Landon, my cousin's son, was the main attraction.

Then we headed to the Ellison's, and Sasha took advantage of a rare quiet moment on Christmas morning, before the kids woke up.

Even after the kids woke up, Emma doesn't seem to be awake!

Alexx loved his new Cars cars.

Emma wouldn't get her hair out of her face...LOL

Alex LOVED the furreal panda. I think it was meant for Emma, but he wanted to nurture it. He carried it around very carefully most of the morning.

Amanda's been wanting another baby....

Rusty trying to open his video game from Tom, who had wrapped it in multiple boxes covered in electrical tape.

We were laughing because Rusty got this from his family. He had asked for a plain black sweatshirt.

Everyone, meet my father-in-law, Don.

Alex got this cute bomber jacket.

Hahaha! When boys shop together, this is the result. (They picked these up on Black Friday)

Then it was time to see if Emma liked her Cadillac. This was actually a Christmas present from one or two years ago. Alex is holding on for dear life. Smart kid, that one.

Amanda making sure they don't get too far off course.

This would be the most hilarious picture if it just weren't blurry. I need a new camera...

Amanda's steering assistance wasn't that effective, and the kids headed straight for the road.

She got them off the road, but then they had a fender bender in the yard.

They decided maybe Emma needed a break from driving, so Alex got behind the wheel. He looks like, "Uncle Tom, why don't you just do this for me?"

"I'm glad you asked, Alex!" Yes, that's a Corona in his hand. We are a classy bunch. (BTW, no children were hurt in the making of this blog. And no, Tom isn't drunk.)

Tom's using the door to get out...LOL

Emma wanted to ride with Uncle Tom.

You can't have Sasha, Amanda.

Itty Bitty peeping out from behind Mom's chair.

And so the Ellison Christmas ends the same way it began, with an adorable picture of Sasha.

We had a nice holiday, but it was REALLY nice for it to be over. It is tiring!


Lady Blachly said...

Man, I bet ya'll were rolling when Tom got in that car! Ha! He opened the door!

The O'Brien Family said...

Looks like a great holiday! Ya'll need some kids so you can take hilarious pics of them too. I love the one of Amanda feeding her newest baby!

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