Several weeks of Clutter...EXPOSED in a few days

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I have gotten SO MUCH DONE the last several days. I have almost entirely neglected the living room/kitchen area so I could fix up the master suite. Normally, I focus my cleaning in the living areas, so the master suite had become a total disaster. But last weekend, I started in the bathroom and cleaned it top to bottom. This was a big deal. Here are the major changes:

1. The countertop is clear except for a toothbrush cup, my blow dryer and straightener, and a jewelry box. The countertop is pretty big, and we had it totally covered with hairspray cans, the contents of our pockets from the last few months (I made a lot of money off Tom from cleaning it...LOL)

2. No clothes are on the floor! I have two hampers overflowing with clothes that we need to wash, but not a single thing is in the floor. And we've kept this up for a week. May not sound like a big deal, but for lazy cluttery people, this is huge.

The bathroom is totally clutter-free (I won't go as far as spotless...) and I wouldn't think twice about having anyone come in there now.

Then, the bedroom. I finally talked Tom into letting us get bedroom furniture. I figured with some of the nutty stuff we own that costs more than bedroom furniture, we shouldn't be looking like a bachelor from the early 90s lives in our bedroom. I should have taken "before" pics of all this stuff, but I'll start with describing the furniture. Tiny, old black particle board nightstands, chipped and damaged. No headboard. Big, bulky black entertainment center with huge manly speakers on either side of it. Then, my light colored particle board chest of drawers, and two other oak wood dressers. Black and light wood with no headboard and ugly lamps - I mean, who would even want to TRY to clean that and make it look nice?? Not me! So we had our clothes and clutter all over the place. It was bad.

Our new set is so NICE! It's real wood. The finish is almost looks black unless you look really hard, then you can tell there is a brown tint to it. They called it merlot, fitting for us winos over here. The headboard has black leather, framed with the merlot wood. The nightstands are twice the size of the old ones, and 100 times better looking. I just love all of it. We also painted the wall behind the bed a color called "mushroom taupe". This is the first time we've painted in the house - all the other walls are white. I feel a painting bug coming on, but I'm sure the impending new semester will nip that in the bud.

I will take pics eventually, but I just needed to gush. There are still a few things that need to be tweaked (including 2 corners of clutter!!) before the final product is unveiled. But for now, I am tickled to death to have my master suite look so nice! It was worth all the hard work.


Lady Blachly said...

OMG! I want to see it all! We've busted ass around here the past few days and man alive, it feels so good to do that kind of stuff. Get this...we have a ceiling beam in the dining room that we painted white about four years ago, and the white got painted down onto the wall around the beam - where of course the walls are a different color. I looked up there today and said "Son of a bitch, I am going to paint that and no one can stop me." So now, after all these years, after five freaking minutes, the wall is paint is fixed. So yeah, I feel ya on this post, sista.

The O'Brien Family said...

I'm there too! I have about 4 boxes of toys from the boys bedrrom to give away! Most of them are from freakin' happy meals - just kidding. We have way too much stuff! Maybe my sis-in-law will take some of it off my hands & her baby boy can play with it :0)

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