South Beaching

Monday, July 21, 2008

I bought the South Beach Diet book a few weeks ago after realizing that one of my favorite food blogs, Kalyn's Kitchen (link in my list to the right) was actually South Beach Friendly. I was surprised at how tasty everything looked.

I tried Atkins before. Meaning, I didn't buy the book, I read a couple of websites, and set out to eat nothing but meat, eggs and cheese for two weeks. I felt (and possibly smelt) like a sausage by the 3rd day and couldn't go on. Plus, I didn't have Tom on board.

But now, I do have the South Beach book, and I do have Tom on board. We started the diet yesterday. I made us omelets for breakfast, I made egg muffins for this week's breakfast (and we snacked on them for lunch), we had pistachios for a snack, and sausage stuffed portabellos for dinner. We survived just fine. The hard part is sugar for Tom, because he drinks regular cokes. I am used to the artificial stuff, so that's not killing me.

After two weeks, we'll be able to add whole grains and most fruits back to our diets. I can't wait! Today I'm feeling a bit like crap, but I knew it was coming, and I know it won't last long. It's this "hump" you have to get over because your body is so used to eating crap carbs all the time.

I'll be honest. I weighed in at 155 yesterday. Tom (sorry you aren't getting a choice in this revelation) is at 187. Neither of which are terrible weights especially with our heights, but we are all gut and ready to change that. My goal is to wear my Lucky jeans again, the only pair of jeans I've spent more than $40 on in my life.


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