Falling apart

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Since our fence blew down, you can see our backyard from the street. We got two code violations in the mail Friday. One for our "junk car" (OK, Tom doesn't like his mustangs being called junk cars...LOL) in the back, and another for our kayak trailer, which we normally keep on the pavement, but when we have the camper in the driveway, one of the cars goes on the extra pavement and the kayak trailer goes on the grass. The code violation said it needs to be on an improved surface. What a PITA. We should've just fixed the fence sooner!

Our toilet overflowed yesterday. It never stopped running after it was flushed, and our friend shut the door on his way out, so I didn't catch it running until I noticed the water seeping into the carpet under the door. :-( So I stopped it from running, got the water up the best I could, turned on a fan, and got the carpet cleaner out to get the water off the carpet. Tom walked in then, and offered to take over the carpet cleaner. Thank you, Tom. I got back to work on my poster.

Last night, I was in bed ready to crash and noticed it was really hot. We've been keeping the AC on 77 trying to save some green, but I thought, this isn't worth it tonight, so I got up to turn it down a couple degrees. Well, it was already on 74, but the temp in the house was 78. "Tooooommmmm!!" The hallway seemed smokey, and we shut down the AC. It was burning hot. Are you keeping tally? Fence down, code violations, overflowing toilet, broken AC.

So Tom left to go fishing today at 6am, told me to call him when I woke up. He wanted me to find an AC guy. But he was having his own problems. The boat is currently broken down in the middle of Lake Lewisville, so I got them the numbers to the towing people, and they're waiting on that now.

What the hell??!!


Lady Blachly said...

I don't know whether to laugh or shake my head in disbelief. Aghh!! Was it hotter n hades that night?! Crizzap! That is one shitty day!!

The O'Brien Family said...

So, what's up? Ar eyou all living in your trailer or are you holed up at a motel or are you crazy & staying in the ehat? Updates! I sur ehope the AC is feixed and yeah, hope Tom got outta the middle of the lake!

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