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Saturday, July 26, 2008

I have a ton to do and this just isn't getting it done.

I just got back from the grocery store stocking up on more South Beach goodies. This is going great! We both feel good, haven't had any wine or margaritas or beer in over a week, we're feeling lighter around the waist but my scale sucks so we aren't exactly sure if we've lost poundage. I would guess we've each lost 4-5 lbs.

There are times when it gets discouraging. It's hard not having spaghetti as a standby dinner. But then every couple days or so we try something new that is so delicious that we get all excited about the diet again. The first night, it was italian sausage stuffed grilled portabello mushrooms. Then it was chopped cabbage salad. Last night, it was artichokes stuffed with parsley, garlic, and parmasean cheese. Today it's a veggie tray with ranch dip. Tonight, it's tilapia marinated in cilantro lime vinagrette.

Whenever I cook meats, I cook extra for the next day's lunch salad. I also made those egg muffins that lasted me all week for breakfast. This is working out really well. Those days when we have no leftovers, I can just make a quick tuna salad for lunch with a tiny bit of mayo and some of the good veggies we always have chopped and bagged now. And I have learned not to get too hungry. I was like, "Caaaaaaaarrrrbbbbsssss!!!!" when I got hungry Thursday. LOL (But I didn't break)

But starting next Sunday, we can start having spaghetti (whole wheat of course) again. I'm going to do like I was even before this diet and go light on the pasta and make a really hearty, meaty, veggie sauce. It'll be nice having spaghetti around again if only for the cost. You know how expensive it can get eating healthy.

So, red wine is an dilemma since that's allowed next Sunday. I looooove to drink red wine. But I'm also liking not drinking at the house. Ideally, we'd stop drinking at all unless we're out somewhere, but I think maybe we'll buy a bottle of wine (or a four pack of mini bottles) each week and refine our sipping skills. Some meals, especially a steak salad with blue cheese, are just made for red wine. I'm getting so much more done though, especially in the kitchen, so I dig sobriety.

Anyway, I have a quick assignment to do for class, then I'm working on my poster presentation for the rest of the weekend now that I have my week of food squared away. We are camping Ray Roberts Isle du Bois in two weeks. I don't know who is coming - we invited Danyelle and Reade but haven't heard back for sure. My parents are supposed to come one day. I'm sure looking forward to being away for a long weekend!


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