Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm already kinda behind on my summer movie watching. We did see Wanted the day it opened, and it was great. Today, Tom, Miranda and I went to see Kung Fu Panda at Studio Movie Grill. I loved it! It was hilarious! I didn't realize how many stars were in it - Jack Black, of course, and Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Jet Li, Lucy Liu, and others I can't remember.

Tonight, for those of you who didn't survive through my entire blog last time, is the Jonas Brothers concert. We won't know what kind of tickets they are until we meet the lady up there, but I am fully prepared for lawn seating. I hope Miranda gets all excited and screams right along with everyone. I think that's part of the fun (if not most of the fun, as I'm not sure we'll be able to hear any music with all those tweens!) I'm gonna spike some Starbucks with Red Bull to get her all hyper (j/k).

What's weird - and y'all know I love beer as much as the next person - but there are people I met at school who are on my Facebook who are going to this concert and planning to get drunk in the parking lot. I just hope they aren't in there actin' a fool. I mean come on, I've been to my share of concerts that I needed beer to enjoy (thanks to Tom's taste in music), but the Jonas Brothers? Maybe it's time to find a new band to love if ya gotta get drunk before the show. But that's just me. It's Radio Disney, people.
So with that, I am going to rest my eyes for a bit. Wish me luck!
BTW, it really is the simpler things that are the best, isn't it? This is how Tom and Miranda spent about two hours last night. I love it!


edie said...

Whooo hooo Jonas Brothers. What a great story! I love that she had her fingers in her ears the whole time. I told this story last night at dinner when the Jonas Brothers came up. Everyone thought it was cute!

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