Sunday, July 13, 2008

I have always wanted to can, and the Pioneer Woman's recent canning post has my wheels turning again. We don't have a huge garden, but we do get a ton of jalepenos, and I LOVE pickled jalepenos. That's not to say I couldn't just go buy up a bunch of veggies to can though. Like pickled okra? Mmmm!

This is the pressure canner I'm looking at. Part of the reason I've been scared of canning is the safety issue, but it seems like the pressure canner takes a lot of the risk out of it. Here is a link to the manual for it that has a lot of recipes. I guess this is my starting point. I'd love to make some pasta sauce and salsa too!


edie said...

I was thinking about canning after reading her post, too. I was also wondering about that arrowroot stuff. I'm going to have to see what that is all about and if I should pick some up at the store.

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