New job

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now that my paperwork has been processed and all appropriate parties have been informed, it's time to announce my new job! My advisor offered me a job on their new NSF grant, so I'll get to work with them on that project. 15ish hours a week, same pay I've been getting at my job, and it's on campus doing more than menial tasks. I am really excited! I hate leaving my job at the construction company because my employers are angels and I couldn't have asked for a better part-time job in school. Jamie was so gracious and flexible with my schedule. But the timing is pretty good because they're preparing to move into a bigger office and they'll want someone full-time in my position, something I wouldn't have been able to do, and now they won't have to grapple with whether to keep me and a full-timer, or have two part-timers, or dump me. It should be interesting being on campus and learning more about university politics!

So anyway, they got my paperwork in today so it's a done deal. Oh, and the best news? I can "double dip" my hours, so the 15 hours working on the grant can apply to my 40-hour a week research requirement this summer, and my 10-hour a week requirement in the fall. Woot!


The O'Brien Family said...

congrats! that's awesome!!!

Lady Blachly said...

Say whatttt? You get to count those hours twice?! Dannng! That's nice! Well Congratulations on the new job!!!

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