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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tomorrow: Work in the morning, turn in timesheet, pick up travel insurance card, meeting Jessica for lunch, doing some Spain shopping in Frisco.
Thursday: Work
Friday: Parents coming to visit
Saturday: Lake Dallas 4th of July festival thing (and I have a harebrained scheme for that day, but I'm not going to talk about it until it's over...LOL)
Sunday: The day o' rest (and maybe more shopping!)
Wednesday: Leaving

Ahhh, I am getting kinda wound up about this trip, starting to feel nervous about having everything I need and (most importantly), remembering to bring it. What do I REALLY need though? Underwear, deodorant, hairbrush, makeup, and toothbrush. My glasses. Clothes for the conference, clothes for the rest of the time, a ball cap, a swim suit, and a beach towel. Speaking of the beach, I need to bring a razor. A book or two. A small notepad & a pen. My flash drive. My passport, my debit card, a credit card. Electronics: straightening iron, laptop, camera, cell phone, and chargers. If I have those essentials, I'll be fine. What is the big deal???? I think I'm worried that I won't have enough stuff for 10 days. That's ridiculous... I'll feel better if I get my bag out and start throwing stuff in it. Poor Rebekah - I foresee more than 1 phone call next week along the lines of, "WHAT am I forgetting???" But she won't mind, because we're rooming together and if I forget something, she'll be the first person I whine to. LOL

Non-essentials: an extra bag for souveniers. Protein bars - I have never regretted packing protein bars. A water bottle? Vitamins. Hair thingies. My own soap/shampoo/hair goo. A neck pillow for the plane. Electronics: my MP3 player, but that's an extra charger, ear phones, everything. Eh... See THIS is the stuff I stress over, not the essentials.

Whoa, I am forgetting to share big news here! Tom's last day of speech therapy is Thursday. :-) He will still go to physical therapy, but isn't that GREAT?? It's kinda like graduating. Go Tom!


Lady Blachly said...

Go Tom! That is exciting! You're trip is going to be really cool. The only thing I can think of is whether or not Spain has the same power outlet plugs as us for electronics. I know exactly what you mean tho, I think anyone stresses out about packing for long trips like that!

Adam Hensen said...

pack light on the clothes, you can wash them at your hotel. By packing 3 or 4 days worth of clothes you free up enough space for everything else you need!
what do you do? what conference are you attending?

The O'Brien Family said...

Yeah for Tom! I am getting so excited for your trip too! You'd think I had figured out a way to sneak in your suitcase without my 2 monkeys screaming "Mommy!"

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