The 1st of July

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today was nutty.

Found out yesterday the Star Telegram was coming to work to talk about this research project we're doing. My boss wants us there at 10am today, looking snazzy. The interview thing was OK, but the hilarious thing is when the photographer showed up, they stuck me in front of a computer and he took a ton of pictures of me working on the computer. Shouldn't we have stood in a row in front of a UNT logo looking professional and intelligent?! There is NO way I have any kind of normal looking face in those pictures. I didn't see any of the pictures, but I guarantee that I look like I'm thinking, "OMG, how should I look? Deep in thought? Perplexed? Smiling? Should I look at the camera or pretend he isn't here??" I know the result will be a silly looking trying-not-to-burst-out-laughing look. I'll get a laugh out of it, anyway. Hopefully it's only funny looking to me and those who know me well!

So, after surviving what was one of the most uncomfortable hours of my life, I did something that comes totally natural to me: ate enchiladas. I met Jessica for lunch at Cristina's in Frisco. I haven't been to Frisco since they put the 121 tollway in - well, once with Tom driving at night at Christmas time. I can't believe what a difference that road makes in the Preston Rd @ 121 intersection. You can't see the mall anymore after you exit! I can't wait til the new Lewisville Toll Bridge opens.

I went to Old Navy looking for the $9 capris advertised, but remembered that the sale starts tomorrow. If I were smart, I would've tried some on so I can just run in and grab them tomorrow. Hit Ross, JCPenney, and strolled around the mall. Didn't buy a whole lot, still I really enjoyed fartin' around with no time frame. I feel old at the mall, especially during summertime. I couldn't make myself go into Charlotte Russe, which used to be one of my favorite stores in high school. I have found a few things there that I don't feel totally silly wearing as an adult. Too many teeny boppers were in there today, and I couldn't make myself go in and try to figure out what size I wear in juniors sizes...ew.

Hot Topic...well, I never "fit in" at that store, but it's getting worse with every passing year. I never go in unless I'm looking for a gift for someone else, but I always window shop, and today, the window was full of Twilight paraphernalia. Haha! Man, do I ever miss the days when I would've been totally fanatical about Twilight! I'm kinda embarassed to read/buy the Twilight books, but I read em anyway, thanks to Twila who brought me the first book when Tom was in the hospital. They are a guilty pleasure. But when I was 14? I would've been daydreaming about sexy dark misunderstood vampires all the freakin' time. That's if I could've smuggled the books into my house at all - parents weren't too keen on the preternatural.

But I can't be shopping at the Dress Barn! I ended up buying a dress at Penneys and some stuff at Bath & Body Works. LOL

So, in my car on the way home, I turn onto 35 in Lewisville and notice that my air conditioner in my car isn't cooling. I'm on my way to Wal-Mart to pick up some contacts. How sweaty can 1 person get in a 10 minute drive? Soaked the bone. Literally, the back half of my dress was soaked, and I am not a big sweater. Eeewwwww! How embarassing! I did run into the vision center trying to keep my back from everyone, but I didn't get any food. It didn't work again on the way home, but naturally, it worked fine when Tom tested it. *sigh*

The evening has been uneventful. I am trying to get to sleep early tonight. Thrilling!


The O'Brien Family said...

You didn't hit Target???? That day doesn't sound complete without a stop at Target too!

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