Bang bang!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I got bangs again. The overall length is a little shorter because my hair was in desperate need of a good trim. I kinda wish I'd gone shorter, but I can always cut more later. I'm always on the fence about bangs. I don't get my hair cut often enough to keep them out of my eyes. But I really like having them. So, I got em. I might go back before my trip and have her thin out the layers a little more. We'll see how it goes. I look like crap today and if I were wearing something cuter, I might like my hair better.

I also found some tennis shoes I liked today in Lewisville. I'll try working out in them later. They need some serious breaking in! I almost just wrote about my dad's gift, but I can't know for sure whether he'll read this before Sunday, so I better zip it.

I have an eye exam at 4:30 I'm not looking forward to. I'm getting contacts again. I'll be able to buy cheap sunglasses again! Yay! I just hate going because they charge $20 extra if I have an astigmatism, but she doesn't do anything different. ??? And why do prescriptions expire after a year? I've had these glasses for 2 years now, and yes, maybe my prescription will be a little different this time, but I wish it were up to ME when I get a new prescription. Do people REALLY pay to have their lenses replaced every year for a change of only .25??? Ridiculous. I just hope it goes quickly. The exam won't take long, and hopefully I can get my contacts and run!

This is turning into an expensive day, but it's all crap I can't put off anymore. I want my contacts before the Spain trip, and that is quickly approaching. What other crap do I need to buy before that trip? Maybe just some clothes. Tammy, if you read this (or if you don't), the conference that's Friday is not the same one that's in Spain. Friday's presentation is in Irving. I hope they feed me! Last year lunch was good. I half want to just show up for my presentation and leave, but that's kinda tacky for someone in my position - someone who didn't pay for her own registration and someone who still has a lot to learn from the conference. I had a nice time last year, but no one else I know is going this time. I guess I'll have to be sociable and "network". NOT my strong suit. LOL It's a small conference and I should go support the other presenters. (Sorry, I had to reconvince myself that going for the whole day is my only option.)

Tom is going to his friend's house Friday, and I can't figure out why I'm irritated about it. Normally I would be happy to get him out of the house so I could have all the wine for myself, wear a big ugly sleep shirt, and watch some girly movie. :-) Anyway I made plans to go the Movie Tavern so I won't sit around and pout about the fact that I don't know why I'm pouting. I don't know what my problem is! Well, I sort of know, but it's not rational, so my only option is to get over it.


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