Preeesentation over

Saturday, June 20, 2009

As suspected, my presentation was only attended by one other person, a nice young special ed teacher who came because she knows my co-presenter, who was listed but didn't come to the conference. So, I still got to do the presentation, but it was more casual. I think she got something from it. She wanted me to send the handout to her principal, too, which makes me happy. And it lasted right up to 45 minutes. I have another 45 minute (or is it an hour??) presentation in November, and it's nice to know I don't have any trouble rambling on for that long.

The rest of the conference is good. One thing I love about education is that even the professors are still teachers at heart, and they always seem extra interested in students. You can tell some of them make a point to seek out students, talk to and encourage them. I don't know if it's like that in other fields. I've had a great experience so far with people wanting to be helpful.

After it was over, I got to sit in rush hour traffic in Irving. Yay! The TomTom had me going some strange direction, and once I realized it was wrong, I had it "recalculate" the route, and it made me turnaround. I was right by the airport, and this turning around and driving 2 miles the other way added 30 minutes to my trip. I have a little traffic driving to and from school and work, but I DON'T miss sitting in bad traffic everyday. It's funny how my tolerance has diminished. I'm spoiled by my 7 mile commute.

When I got home, Tom and I met up with Twila and her daughter Becca to see The Hangover at the Movie Tavern. If you like tacky movies, this was hilarious! I seriously needed the laugh. It made me want to go to Vegas. It looks so fun. We would like to go see the UFC fights live in Vegas sometime, but it's SO expensive. Actually, I just checked and it's not as bad as it used to be. For these fights, albeit not in Vegas, cheap seats are $50. Hmmmm.... I wonder how good the view is. Maybe we'll have to buy some cheap seats one day and go for it. Check out that fight card, though! The Dean of Mean!!! Yay. I hope he wins. And Hammil vs. Vera, nice! And those aren't even the main events. Maybe we can go out to watch that one. I like watching them at people's houses, but sometimes it's fun to be at Buffalo Wild Wings feeding off the crowd.

Today...I need to:

  • Clean up the house a bit
  • Buy groceries
  • Wrap my dad's present for tomorrow

I started typing this blog at 10am or so this morning, and while I wrote my list of stuff to do, I remembered that Tom and I wanted to go to the Denton Airshow today! So I checked the schedule, saw that we weren't too late, and we headed out. It was so cool! I got some sun, which I really wanted to do before Spain. Will post pics soon. Everything else I needed to do can wait. We are about to eat dinner and watch "Taken". :-)


Adam Hensen said...

One time I was suppose to give a presentation to a group of almost 80, but because I was 15 min late there was only 2 people there. one person who wanted the info and one person who yelled at me for about an hour for being late. It sucked!

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