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Monday, June 15, 2009

Friday, McNair summer class started, and it was nice to see a lot of people, but there were a couple people missing that made things not feel McNairy. I guess the move from Highland Hall to Wooten doesn't help, either. The class isn't required if you took it last summer, which explains the missing people - I am taking it for the extra upper level hours, plus they change the schedule up. I'm sad because one of the new additions is a grant finding/writing class, but it's during my Spain trip. At least I'll be in town for the class over imposter syndrome.

Friday after class, I won a very important battle in my marriage. TWO battles, in fact. Tom wears these cheap skater shoes instead of real tennis shoes, and they are no good for working out. Oh, how I hated those Vans!! The latest pair was filthy and had holes in them. At the ER when they were getting him ready for CareFlite, they had to cut his clothes off. They said, "Well, the clothes are ruined, but do you want these shoes?" I thought, "This is my big chance!" I could've made the Vans disappear and blamed it on the hospital. Of course, I didn't have the heart.

These shoes have not been working for him in physical therapy, so we went to Academy Friday to pick out some new ones. He is the proud owner of a new pair of New Balance shoes, but that isn't all. I got him some low-cut socks, and HE IS ACTUALLY WEARING THEM. Yes, my husband has ditched his signature shorts/tube socks combo. YES! I win! I could throw away the tube socks just for insurance, but he'll probably want them for jeans. I can't stand wearing low cut socks with jeans. It's weird.

Saturday, we went to his sister Amanda's new house for dinner with his family, and went to my sister's house to watch the UFC fights that night. I was glad she invited us for the fights because we weren't planning to go out and watch them. I'm going to miss UFC 100 July 11th because of the Spain trip. Of all fight nights to miss! It will have three main events. Turns out, Tom won't be able to watch them either, so maybe we can order them on PPV when I get home. Hopefully I won't see the results on the internet in the meantime.

I'm a little less stressed about Friday's conference presentation after talking about it at work today. They are right. Friday afternoon, no one will be there anymore. Kinda like last year when I presented at this conference at 8am on Friday. :-) That won't change how I prepare or how seriously I take it, but it will help me chill out this week.

Felt nice to be at work today. Heading back tomorrow. Everyone is going out of town by Wednesday, so I may or may not go into the office. Tom is doing well - has done a great job this week on his exercises. :-) His hair officially covers up his scar. Here is a picture of us at the aquarium last week. Hey, it's been a LONG time since I posted pictures! I still have spring break pictures hiding out on my memory card.


The O'Brien Family said...

Can you come over & help me get Connor out of his crocs??? I don't think he'll get new shoes until he wears holes in these or his toes pop out the ends. I don't even care if he gets another pair - he just needs a new set!!!!

Do you have a conference this Friday or are you talking about your presentation in Spain? When do you leave again? I'm excited for you & wish I could go along - if even in your suitcase!!!!

Thanks for posting a pic. You two are so cute!!!!!!

ColtonandJessica said...

LOVE this one. :)

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