Friday, June 26, 2009

Been craving chips and dips so much that I don't care if I blow up like a balloon. So I made this dip tonight and had it for dinner. It was delicious!

I also made my salsa, and it was one of the best batches I've made in a while. Mmmmm. It had just the right amount of cilantro, onion, and fresh jalepeno heat. That is the salsa trinity that has to be perfect, and the unpredictability of fresh jalepenos makes it difficult to get it right. But tonight....mmmmm...I can't wait to eat more! I'll have to make a salsa roast this week before we eat it all up. There is something kinda salty and rich about that roast that I can't eat a lot of, but Tom looooves it and we do have a roast in the freezer.

Yep, I have been craving food like crazy lately. I'm drooling right now thinking about tonights chip and dip extravaganza. And embarassed that I'm excited about that frozen mound of pot roast sitting in the freezer.

Spain is 12 days away, and no, I haven't made a checklist for it yet. But don't worry, making the checklist is on my checklist for this weekend. :-)

My sunburn from Saturday is peeling and I look like I have leprosy.

Tomorrow I'm cleaning the house like a madwoman. Tom is planning to mow.

Am I done needing 8 hours of sleep a night? Supposedly you need less and less as time goes on. Maybe I should quit trying to go to bed early out of habit. I haven't actually fallen asleep on time in a while.

Tom is all addicted to that Farm Town application on Facebook. Bwahahahaha. I can hear the cheesy music every time he goes in there to harvest his crops. I cannot get addicted to those applications! I just hit ignore anytime I get one that looks high maintenance. It's cute, though. He named his farm "TBI Terrafarming". LOL

My parents are coming on the 3rd to go to Grapevine for some wine tasting. I can't believe they are actually coming this way! I have been trying to get them to visit for a long time (not counting hospital/post-hospital visits). It will be fun!

Good night! Only one more minute that I can say that before it's Good Morning!


The O'Brien Family said...

I was salivating over that same dip last night. Did you use all the ingredients she has there? It looks devilishly good!!!!!

Paula said...

Hi, I haven't been keeping up with you and Tom as much lately. So I stumbled upon you today and thought I'd say hello. I hate to admit that I am also a Farmtown Addict, as is my oldest son. We meet and chat and harvest every evening. Is there something wrong with that? Well nice to read about your adventures and I'm so happy things are going well for you both. Take care on your trip to Spain.
Paula (from OW, who is missing from location because Farmtown takes too long)

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