Nice Sunday planned

Sunday, June 7, 2009

But we'll see if it actually turns out that way!

We're going to try me driving a stick shift again today. Last time we tried this was almost 6 years ago right after we started dating. It was in the old white Mustang, and it was nearly impossible. We joke saying Tom smoked 5 packs of cigarettes in that hour. I don't know what he'll do now that he doesn't smoke. I found out later that it was an exceptionally difficult clutch, so I'm hoping it's easier in the 2005 Mustang. When I was first learning how to drive, it was in the 1970 Belair, the Banana Boat, and I had such a hard time with it. I thought there was something wrong with me and I'd never get my license. One day, my sister let me drive her car, a newer, smaller Grand Am from Edgewood to Terrell and it was SO easy! PLEASE let that happen today. I need to learn how to drive this thing. Sometimes driving a cool car can make your day just a little nicer. I'm going to need some cool sunglasses, though.

I am wearing shorts today, and I think I'm the whitest I've ever been. I'm going for it anyway. Right now it looks like I'm wearing thigh-high white socks, I need to get to a believable skin tone before the Spain trip, which is one month away as of tomorrow.

After we try the Mustang, we're headed to Grapevine to pick out a local bottle of wine for a friend who is coming into town tomorrow. We also need to hit the grocery store, and I'm really wanting to go to Jo Ann's. Hopefully Tom feels like dealing with my shenanigans. I figure he'll be content as long as he has his beloved Mustang and a Diet DP. And I don't have enough money to spend TOO much time in Jo Ann's. Heather, this is all your fault, I want to start mistreating my windows this week. :-) (Click at your own risk.) BTW, this will be Tom's first time driving the Mustang since the accident. I know he'll be really happy. He'd marry a car if he could.

Tomorrow, we're planning to go to the Dallas World Aquarium with my friend, but I'm thinking we may need a Plan B in case she gets into town later than expected. They close at 5. I need to find a good non-chain place to take her to dinner, too. I'm pretty pumped, I think it'll be a nice day. But I hope I can come up with a good Plan B...I'm thinking the Nasher or the DMA or both, but it would be nice to come up with something closer to home, too.

Hope everyone else has a nice Sunday. I need to post some pictures soon. I have some from spring break and Amanda's new house.


Lady Blachly said...

Don't forget pictures of the window mistreatments when you get going on them!! I feel your pain on the white legs...except my arms have started to get tan and my legs are like, 10 shades whiter and it's pretty bad.

The O'Brien Family said...

did you all make it to the aquarium?

I love that decorating blog! So wish I had seen it before Danyelle & I went garage saleing this past Saturday

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