Tweeting is embarassing

Monday, April 6, 2009

I was never meant to tweet, or have people following my tweets, or anything. But is still the best place for updates. Tom is doing great, no more ventilator, he is able to talk, and sleeps like a baby when medical staff isn't poking him. That's the short version of a loooong exciting completely exhausting 3 days. I am home tonight, spending the night again tomorrow in the room. Thanks for everyone's well wishes. I am OUT!


Caryn said...

That is awesome news about Tom! Please tell him that Caryn and Ryan are thinking about him. Tell him that we dont appreciate the way that he is wanting everyone's attention. Tell him that there are other ways to do that. LOL Take care of yourself and Mr. Tom. Thanks for the update!

KW said...

Embarassing? Why? I love your tweets and appreciate the info. Keep it up!

Lady Blachly said...

Well bless you little heart for doing it, then. It makes me feel better to read how good he is doing and I don't have to bug Tammy every day.

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