Home sweet home

Friday, April 24, 2009

I get to know again tomorrow what it means to be HOME. I'm at home right now, but Tom comes home tomorrow, and we'll be one step closer to normal (for us, anyway).

Tom is doing well but so ready to come home. I think yesterday sealed the deal, when they made him do group exercise with a bunch of old people. I can see how that would be sort of depressing, it made him feel like an invalid. For him, rehab is about getting back to 100%, for a lot of those older folks, it's about being able to do enough to get by. He doesn't have anything against old people (in fact, Tom loves old people, and they love him) but he had a hard time having a good attitude having to do that twice yesterday!

He still loses his balance a lot, which gives me a new gray hair every time I see it. I am scared about him having a fall. It's amazing to make it through one brain injury, and you just don't get two. I gotta let it go. We gotta do our best to be careful, but I also need to let it go. I might go get some help from the doctor to "let it go" next week. I have some anxiety meds for night time, but I need something during the day for now. I'm normally wound up pretty tight, but my current state isn't going to cut it.

I did a lot of cleaning tonight, not nearly enough, but it's good enough for tomorrow! It will look like a palace compared to Tom's digs the last four weeks. Got the essentials done, like laundry and dishes. I'm pretty tired, gotta get up in the morning to buy groceries then head back to rehab to get him checked out of there. We're getting evaluated for an outpatient rehab program Monday, so he'll get the whole weekend off. I'm making chicken noodle soup tomorrow and really looking forward to it.

Anyway, I wore myself out with a long day and a lot of work, so I'm crashing in preparation for the big day tomorrow, miracle man's homecoming. :-)


KW said...

This makes me SO happy! Enjoy tomorrow... :-)

Lady Blachly said...

I can't believe it...what an awesome thing!! I am so happy for him - and YOU too. Man, home sweet home.

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