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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The hospital won't let me edit my blog here, so thanks to Kim who logged in and set this up for me, now I can just send an email and it will post to my blog!

OK, let me further explain the twitter thing. Twitter is for cool people with active social lives so they can let their peeps know where they are every second of every day so their peeps can hit them up on their cellies and meet up or whatever. I have been a little embarassed for Pete Delkus on channel 8 ever since he set up a twitter account called "Pete's Tweets". What grown man is comfortable with tweeting?! Tweeting is for birds! Anyway, the function of twitter and tweeting is fantastic and without it, I don't know HOW I would keep people updated. But, the cutesy tweeting stuff makes me uncomfortable. LOL I may use twitter but I will never be a tweeter. ;-)

No REAL news. They extubated him Sunday, so now he can wake up and talk, etc. He is very lethargic and sleeps about 22 hours a day. He wears out very quickly. I think we will probably be in ICU through the week. If not, it will be a happy surprise, kinda like getting the tube out as quickly as they did!

The next benchmark is getting him awake and alert more. Right now, it is very difficult to wake him from a deep sleep. Another benchmark will be putting the hospital bed into a chair position to get him ready for sitting up. Neuropsych tried to do an eval on him earlier this morning, but he just wouldn't wake up for them! They are going to come back this afternoon.

I got motivated for real life activities yesterday. I got our bills organized, which is normally something Tom handles. And, I answered/wrote some work emails. I need to do more still....but it was a good step. I am sleeping at home tonight and tomorrow, planning to stay at the Riley center again this weekend.


KW said...

YAY! I'm glad I didn't screw it up... LOL...

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