Any questions?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do you have any questions about what's going on? Just post in a comment!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy he's doing sooooo great! Time for a move out of ICU party!! :-) I don't have any questions, just want to tell you how happy I am for you guys. :-)


The O'Brien Family said...

1. Did the docs give Tom any Ritalin?

2. Was he more awake today?

3. How are YOU? Eating, sleeping and drinking enough water???

4. Ya'll still in ICU this afternoon?

5. Has he had any physical therapy? Is he moving about - wiggling fingers & toes okay?

I have about a billion questions! LOL Tose are it for now

Anonymous said...

I so glad to hear about the steps forward. I've been following closely(stalking is more lik it) but I was so worried for you both. Hopfully things will move along quickly now that he can have almost food and is getting a room!
And I understand what you're saying about Twitter, it's kinda creepy. LOL


Lady Blachly said...'s my chance, eh?

1. Is Tom not able to do anything, really? Even talking is hard, I surmise from your posts. I am so curious as to what happens to a person's brain with an injury that makes them not able to move and such. Does he always remember why he is there or does he forget?

2. What will rehab include? Does he remember all words? Is it a matter of retraining his muscles?

3. Does Tom understand what's going on? I really hope so...I know you mentioned before you got to tell him why he was there (when he first woke up) - what did he say? Does he remember the accident?

4. How is Greg doing? (The driver...if I didn't remember his name right) I hope he isn't taking it too hard. Has he been in to see Tom since he was awake?

5. Did he have any other injuries? Broken bones or anything?

7. Is Tom job giving him support to get better and come back to work?

6. Are these too personal? ;) I've been thinking about writing you for several days now and just didn't want to bother you with my "infinite wisdom" and riddle you with questions. But since you asked...! It sounds like you are doing well and I bet you'll find more time to muddle through the emotional aspects of it all as you help Tom recover. Seems like a perfect time for you both to get better. I am so sorry you had to go through this and I feel like I can say, now that he is on the road to recovery, that I hope you are feeling ok. You have a huge support group. You'll be back camping and fishing soon enough! XOXO

Lady Blachly said...

One more...
What's the dealio with rehab? How long will he be in the hospital? Then he'll be moved to a rehab-center-type place? Man, what a trooper. Tell him we send our biggest and best get well soon vibes.

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