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Friday, April 3, 2009

Random news from today, some good, some "eh".

Doc said his injury looks more like a serious concussion instead of traumatic brain injury. This means the tissue damage might not be as bad as with TBI. Won't know til he's up! Time to get up, dude! I want to get excited about this news, but you need to get UP first!

Lungs were looking better, but he still has pneumonia. Still running a low grade fever, slightly higher than yesterday (closer to 101 than 100).

Got the results of his cultures they took Tuesday night before his fever spiked. He has a very rare bacteria. I have the name, I'm gonna google it. Weird huh? They are treating him with antibiotic for that.

Then the news that sucks...they expect that we will be in ICU for another 2-3 weeks. He just isn't progressing quickly. And that's OK with me, he can take all the time he needs to get better. I want him back whether it's tomorrow or May. I just need him back.

It's very difficult being the gatekeeper for who goes in to see him.

Met with the case manager who will help us find a rehabilitation facility for him once he's ready, and make sure home care is going well later down the road. It was encouraging to start thinking ahead. I hate to say this, but from her perspective, it is almost a good thing that he will likely not be ready for another few weeks, because it gives her more time to find the best place.

To be clear though, he still has one more stop before rehab - he'll start in a regular room with some therapy, then when he's ready to leave the hospital, then it's rehab time. What kind and level of intensity of rehab he will need is uncertain until he starts waking up.

My dad is with him tonight. I am staying again tomorrow.


Laurie said...

RE: It's very difficult being the gatekeeper for who goes in to see him.

That is a problem. I know when I was in for that brain hemorrhage I actually wished less people would come by to visit as it was so exhausting. You hate to say no but Tom has to come first and they will just have to trust you and know you are doing the best you can for him. If feelings are hurt, too bad. Time to deal with that later. Send cards, flowers, gifts but leave the visits until he is feeling up to them, and then only short ones, few and far between. When you have visitors you feel the need to talk to them and interact but he will need to just rest. Even when he goes to rehab you may want to limit the visitors depending on how he is doing.

Still keeping you two in my prayers.

HUGE hugs...

Lady Blachly said...

Toe wiggling "tricks"...gotta love it.

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