Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I can't make myself do ANYTHING productive! It's making me crazy. I am going to work out today, so hopefully that will kick start my dopamine or seratonin or whatever the heck needs to start pumping through my brain again.

I did work for a little bit yesterday, and I have a whole bunch more to do tomorrow. I need to make a list so I don't lose focus while I'm working.

Right now, I know the difference between me having a B-maybe-A and a solid A in one class is writing 4 article reviews worth 5 points each. Enough to make the 75 I made on that last exam a 95. I found and printed the articles today, but I can't make myself read them and summarize them. I think my boss made the right call setting aside a grading position for me during MayMester, because my brain just runs in circles and probably isn't much good for research right now.

The day of the accident, I bought an exercise mat, and I am dying to use it with my 30 day shred DVD. OK, I WAS dying to use it, now Tom and I used it for some physical therapy exercises yesterday, but it isn't making me want to pop that DVD in one little bit. And I was doing so well with it before. Maybe today's elliptical (or maybe bike) half-hour will jump start my exercise again.

So anyway, back to real life. I'm gonna change and hit the gym!


The O'Brien Family said...'s it going? I need some updates! I'm sure you don't have anything to do except keep me posted! LOL

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